About the Brand

Inspired by: culture, travel and freedom of expression!

Clothing Production 

  • USA, Africa (multiple countries (Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria)
  • The aim is to provide a source of income and create jobs while sharing the love of fashion. Share the gift and uplift others, while providing quality designs.
Design  & customized one of a kind pieces. Showcasing culture in the form of wearable and modern art pieces with character.


 About the Designer

Born in Liberia, grew up childhood mostly in guinea, came to America at 13.
Always had a love for the arts and design. As a child I made my own doll clothes, for my neighborhood friends, learned to braid my own hair, taught myself how to sketch at a young age, and loved to dress andpiece things together by hand. For big holidays and occasions, going to the tailor for a new piece was the best gift.

My gift have created a source of income for me, fulfilling because it’s a love and passion, and am grateful.
  • Graduated : AIPH (2012)
  • Difficulty finding a job after school- studied fashion marketing.
  • Had son in 2013, and took long break to take care of child while working part time 
  • Finding a descent paying job in fashion industry a killer 
  • First started a local online consignment.
  • Taught self how to sew, and after that the gift was born and been extolling ever since